September 4th In an interview with Radio Zero,Rakitic, who has officially returned to Seville, said:“Maybe Barcelona was unfair to me after the First World War at Anfield.”

Who is the happiest now?you?Your wife?Your father-in-law?Or your parents?

“I think we are almost happy,This question is difficult to answer.”

I just learned on TV today that Seville calls you blonde,Gypsy,King of Pino Montano (Northern Seville) (Rubio, gitano y rey de Pino Montano)

“This is because of the connection between the fans and my family in that area,This is how the title came out,I think it’s quite suitable for rhyming,Isn’t it?(laugh)”

(Laughs) That’s true,It really is,Well I don’t want to go in circles anymore,It’s up to you to leave Barcelona this summer.Or did Barcelona decide to leave?

“This is what I have been trying to say these days,This is the decision of both of us,Both of us conducted an analysis and decided that this is the best option.”

A man who has been an important member of the club for six years left in a good way,Photo with trophy…You left happily

“Yes,This is also a very important moment for me,First of all, I would like to thank Chairman Bartomeu,It’s wonderful and special to be able to leave in this way,We did experience many wonderful moments together,We have won many championships,It is very important for me to say goodbye in this way.”

If the opportunity to return to Seville came before,For example, last summer,Maybe you have been playing in Seville for a year?

“I do not know,maybe,As you know,I always analyze my current situation carefully,maybe,Maybe not,Last year, my attitude towards the overall situation was still not clear.This time everything is handled very quickly with Seville,So I also want to thank the chairman of Seville and the director Monchi,We have always been friends,All this is handled very quickly.”

Considering your love for Seville,I thought you might even come back this summer andFree forSeville plays football,I hope the president of Seville will not listen to the radio

“(Laughs) As I said before,The most important thing for me is that Seville, Barcelona and me can reach an agreement,In the end it was indeed the case,I think this way can satisfy everyone,In the end, it was a very good result for me.”

When did you learn that Messi wanted to leave?

“I know through you,I was eating with my family at home…”

You nonsense.At least you fell off the chair, right

“To be honest, I was having fun with my family (laughs)…no no,Of course I was surprised,I think it’s just like other people’s reactions,I think he and his team will handle the situation better than us,Now I am outside the club,I wish Messi and Barcelona all the best.”

You recently said that if Messi comes to Seville, he will definitely find a place.Do you want him to stay in Barcelona?Or because you know him better than anyone else,So if he is unhappy,Would you want him to go elsewhere?

“I think this thing is the same as I mentioned before,I think that the satisfaction of all parties is the most important,I think for everyone and La Liga,It’s very important for Messi to stay in Spain.However, he and his team should be very clear about the specific situation.They should be communicating with the club,I also believe that all of them will find a way to satisfy everyone.”

Have you talked with him?I guess not

“No,I think I had a lot to deal with before.And I don’t want to bother him,I have no time,Maybe he didn’t either,Other teammates returning to the national team may also be the same,I had never been able to say goodbye to them in the locker room before.”

right,You have not been able to take photos with everyone,You left after the UEFA Champions League in Lisbon,right?

“Yes,At that time everyone went on vacation,And now some people go to the national team again,The other day I went to the locker room to say goodbye before training.Some people were not there at the time,But it’s okay,I will have the opportunity to contact them later.”


Your former teammate De Jong said before that Messi is still in the chat group of Barcelona players.are you still there,Is gone

“I’m gone,I think we must respect all parties,It’s time for me to no longer belong to that group,It’s an honor to be able to share everything with them before,But I think I should quit now.”

You played for Barcelona for 6 years,Won countless honors,Many people may have asked you,But if you want to choose,When do you think the most wonderful moment?You don’t have to choose the moment to win a toast,Are there any special moments not captured by the lens?

“It’s hard to choose,As you said,Six years,Have had many very special experiences,It is difficult for me to choose only one,I feel very lucky,I won everything in my first season at Barcelona,Then there are days with Harvey,Then there is Iniesta and his farewell,Then there are more honors and championships.And those very special moments I experienced in the national derby,The moment I kicked the decisive performance,They are really wonderful moments,I choose everything I have experienced.”

You are a player in the history of Barcelona,You are the foreign player with the most appearances in a single season in Barcelona history.Overtake Messi, Alves, Mascherano.And in a club with 120 years of history,In the ranking of foreign players in the number of appearances,You are fourth,But I think there is a moment that no Barcelona fan can understand.You scored for Barcelona in the Champions League final,That is the most important moment,But what happened after the battle at Anfield last summer,You start to lose your chances,I don’t know if this is meant by the higher-ups,Valverde suddenly stopped using certain players.You are a super stable player,On average, he played more than 50 games in a single season,Then suddenly the new season started without a ball,Do you think it was unfair to you at that time?

“maybe,To be honest, I don’t know why,That season can be said to be my best season,Then in the away game against Liverpool, we did not perform as we hoped.But for me personally it was my best season,It is the most important and stable season for roles on the court.I think it might also be the result of the national team runner-up after the World Cup that gave me a lot of confidence.For me, I played my best performance at that time,As for what happened,I honestly don’t know,But as I have said many times,You have to try to understand and respect those decisions,Maybe when looking back at everything before,It feels very difficult,Maybe everything that happened at that time did not benefit the team,All the consequences after that have to be borne,That’s it.”

Soon after being eliminated,The fact that you returned to Seville to participate in the festive celebrations caused dissatisfaction among the fans.Because Barcelona fans were still angry at the team being reversed

“As I always said,I would like to listen and respect everyone’s views,to me,I think everyone should first understand that I am a husband,Is a father,And all I want in such difficult times is to stay with my family,At that time we had two days off,I use the holidays to stay with my family.It happened to be Feria festival at that time,But I just wanted to stay with my family,Everyone should understand that that moment is very important to my family and my wife,But I personally just wanted to stay with my family at the time,I want to use that holiday to reinvigorate my family,to me,I saw my two daughters and my wife wearing flamenco costumes,This can give me a lot of strength,This will help me to give my best when I return.”

Which experience was more uncomfortable?Rome?Liverpool?Or Lisbon?

“Are very uncomfortable,But any defeat in the league is also uncomfortable.Any defeat in the Copa del Rey is also me,Even any defeat in training makes me very uncomfortable.I hope to win forever,I don’t even want to lose when I play chess.I always hope to give my best,I hope to win everything,Of course those are very difficult defeats,Many people remember those games,But I prefer to remember the beautiful moments we experienced together,These moments are much more than losing battles,To me,We have the best team many times,But in the end it didn’t happen.For such a situation, we need to learn from it and continue to move forward.”

What if you use an 8-2 score to get revenge in the UEFA Super Cup between Sevilla and Bayern?

“Well,As long as we can win,Is that a penalty shoot-out win or other methods will do,All I want is to play and win the championship with Sevilla,The past is no longer important,This matchup has nothing to do with the previous one.I don’t think Bayern would think about it this way either.So it’s Bayern and Sevilla that will face off,What I hope is the competition,I hope I can win the first championship of the new season with the club,This is very important to us.”

Did you find thatCompared to your previous period in Seville,The only one still in the team is Navas.right?

“Yes,They have indeed changed a lot.”

Navas is young now,Maybe he was 20 and 21 years old when you left,But he is 15 years old now

“Yes,He happened to be fast,Almost 15 years old (laughs),To be honest, his current state is really good,It is my honor to be a teammate with him again.I am eager to see him again and give him a hug,Longing to play with him again.”

I think you are getting younger and younger,You say you are very successful,I don’t even want to lose in chess,Who beat you in the Barcelona locker room?

“Few,ReallyI remember it all (laughs).”

Are you cheating?…

“No,This can’t cheat,Are all played via Ipad,These are very wonderful moments,For clubs and teams,It’s important to enjoy moments like this together,It always starts with a joke at first,Then we can gather and unite together.”

You should have received all the information you want to receive in the past two days.Nobody is missing, right?

“No,Absolutely not,This information makes me feel very happy and surprised,This is really a wonderful moment,So many people still remember you,This is something that makes me feel very proud,Thank you everyone.”