September 8 News Former Leverkusen coach Wolfgang Holzhauser (Wolfgang Holzhauser) recently accepted an interview with Goal.In an interview, he talked about his former disciple Haverts.Holtzhauser said,Haverts is a very comprehensive player,And still very young now,And he believes that Barcelona and Real Madrid may ask Chelsea to buy Haverts in the future.

Holzhauser mentioned:“I would rather have Haverts go closer‘Guardiola’s football philosophy’Club,I hope he can go to a club that values possession.”

“When Havertz controlled the ball at his feet,He was able to show the best performance.”

“But Chelsea had already signed Haverts before,I hope Lampard will pay more attention to ball possession than Chelsea’s previous coaches.I believe Haverts can quickly adapt to Chelsea and succeed there.”

“At his age,Havertz’s technology is top-notch,And I think he was right in choosing to go to Chelsea.”

“Havertz wanted to go to Bayern before,But considering that Mueller is in such a good state,Therefore, Bayern will not need to introduce an offensive midfielder in the next 2-3 years.”

“I said before,It is very difficult to succeed in Bayern.That is more difficult than succeeding at Chelsea.Chelsea is currently in the reconstruction phase,They want to return to the top,Reinforce each position.”

“In addition,If Leverkusen sold Haverts to his direct rival Bayern in the league,That would also cause a lot of damage to the team.”

“Therefore, Leverkusen chose to sell Haverts to a team outside of Germany because of the team’s own interests.”

It was previously reported thatReal Madrid and Barcelona have also visited Haverts,And Holtzhauser believes,a few years later,Real Madrid and Barcelona may buy Haverts from Chelsea,In this regard,He said:“Due to the epidemic,Real Madrid and Barcelona cannot spend a lot of money signings.”

“I can now fully understand why Fernando Carlo and Rudy Waller are selling Haverts.For Leverkusen,8,000 euros is not a small amount of money,Of course,This transfer fee is indeed a bit high.”

“But this does not mean that big clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona will not be interested in Haverts in the future.Haverts is only 21 years old now.”

“I think for him,The current development trajectory is correct,He was the main player in Leverkusen for three seasons.And now is the right time to leave.”

Haverts has already proven his ability in Leverkusen before,Holtzhauser hopes that Havertz can go further,In response, he said:“Haverts can play any position in the midfield.”

“There is no problem for Haverts to play at position 8.If Chelsea choose not to discharge wingers,Haverts can also serve as the No. 10.”

“Haverts’ advantage is that he is tall and has excellent left and right foot ability.His heading ability is also very good.If he becomes stronger,I think he can even play as a center.”

“Haverts now knows how to score goals in the game,I think his shooting skills are also good.”