September 1 News Via Zero Radio,Argentine star Bardano said:“Messi either goes to other teams,Or go home,He has left Barcelona,I have no doubt about it,The sooner Barcelona digests this fact,The sooner they can focus on reconstruction,I think Bartomeu thinks he has to step down if Messi is gone.So the later Messi leaves, the later he leaves.“

Now so many teams have players who have tested positive for the new crown virus.It feels like being too optimistic about the upcoming new season,Will the epidemic directly affect the league?This time it’s not 11 rounds.Is going to play the whole season

“Regression is a problem for any field,This is true of rework, back to school, and the return of football,Many players are infected with the virus now,This is an unimaginable situation,But this should be related to the overall situation,Related to the rebound of the epidemic,But we also have to know that now is the time for all of them to start complying with the epidemic prevention regulations again.You know that although the last 11 rounds of last season were completed in one and a half months,But the epidemic prevention work is done very well,The problem didn’t arise until the last day,In my opinion, they will now more strictly abide by the relevant regulations,Then the situation becomes more normal,I feel that compared to the general public,The football world will be more normal.”

Although they are players,But they also have parents,have kids,Laliga only recently advised them not to send their children to school.It is one thing to isolate for a month and a half,From then on restricting life as a citizen is another matter

“Yes,One thing to be clear is that before the holiday starts,They are all under very strict epidemic prevention management,Then the cage opened,Everyone flew around,See how the overall situation develops,Let’s see if the future epidemic prevention work is still as strict as the previous one and a half months.”

Messi’s situation remains unchanged,Do you think there is no room for recovery at all?

“I totally believe that either Messi will go to another club,Or he will go back to his home,But he has left Barcelona,I have no doubt about it.Now people are saying that Messi had withdrawn from the Argentine national team before and returned.But this is a completely different situation,There is no contract between the Argentine national team and Messi.No personal issues,These are two completely different situations,What I don’t know now is how long this process that has a negative impact on the club, Messi and La Liga will continue.I think Bartomeu should think that when Messi wants to go, he has to go too.So the later Messi leaves, the later he leaves.But extend this process…Bartomeu will not stay at the club afterwards.The sooner they bear the fact that Messi is gone,The sooner you digest the best departure in club history,The sooner you can focus on reconstruction.”

Although I don’t want to say that,But the war on the other hand is the war on public perception,It looks like Messi is beating Bartomeu,This matter will continue,Do you think this kind of war has made the situation worse?

“We are discussing a divorce,There are reasons in the divorce,Also has emotions,The emotional impact will ultimately be greater than the cause,And in the passionate football world,Obviously the emotional aspect is ultimately more influentialBarcelona and Messi have a perfect relationship for 20 years,If we look at this situation according to common sense, it is not difficult to understand.The 33-year-old Messi no longer thinks he has the strength to carry Barcelona on his own.At the same time he wants to continue his role as Messi,Because in the football world,First of all people are celebrating your victory,Then they won’t forgive you when you fail to get the honor.So if you are Messi,If you are the best player in the world,Then everyone’s requirements and expectations of you are extremely high.So if you can’t meet this requirement in Barcelona,Can’t pursue that honor,Then you will want to go to other places to experience the last part of the journey,I even think it is reasonable.”

Now everyone is discussing the issue of leaving the team,I said before that this is a romantic clause,Let the players decide for themselves whether to leave the team after the end of the season,Because this player has won such rights,If it’s you,Would you add such clauses to player contracts?

“This clause is for Messi,His situation is absolutely special,This is based on Messi’s personality, track, height, status, influence, etc. in Barcelona,The Barcelona chairman said before that if Messi thinks that the responsibility lies with me,Then I resign,This is almost handing the entire club to one player,This is extremely obvious proof,This shows that we are not talking about a random player.”

If he went to Manchester City,Then do you think the image of Guardiola, who has promised never to dig Messi, in the hearts of fans will change?

“Well,Guardiola also has enemies in Barcelona,These enemies will try to solve both him and Messi with one stone and two birds.I have no doubt about it.But what we’re talking about now is professional issues,Messi has left Barcelona,No matter what the media say,He always has to go to a place.And someone said before that Messi could go to Manchester City to find comfort.”

Of course,Bergeristan and Soriano are both in Manchester City,Sitting on the coach’s bench is Guardiola.If he calls Messi,That’s just about changing the color of the jersey.Except for Messi’s business,Barcelona’s cleaning is underway,Rakitic will almost return to Seville for free,Maybe Rakitic has completed his mission for Barcelona.But for Seville,This is a good signing operation,right?

“Very good signing operation,And Rakitic has love for Seville,In the case of a contract with Barcelona,He wears a jersey diving to celebrate the championship in Seville,He has a very special relationship with his old club.Isn’t it?And some people think that the current financial issues have a great impact,But for Messi’s situation,I feel that money is of secondary importance,I didn’t say that I was ranked fifth.But it is indeed secondary.Now Messi’s decision will be more directly based on athletics rather than economics.Seville is a great signing,And they have a very important problem to solve,That is to find a replacement for Banega,He seemed to be in complete control of the team in the last third of the games last season.When to attack and when to defend,Everyone will give him the ball,Because everyone knows that he will control it well,Rakitic is able to fill the vacancy after Banega left.”

David Silva has officially appeared,He said that he joined the Royal Club not to replace anyone,He is here to compete,But what I want to ask you is is it really the right time for Real Madrid to recall Erdgau?

“Yes,I think so,I have said before that if Odgou returns to Real Madrid, he must go back and play 40 games.I think he is a player who can be the protagonist of the team,Obviously he will face fierce competition,To face Modric, Cross, Valverde,But I think he is ready,He is a very good player,The ability to create opportunities, shoot goals and tactical coordination is very strong,His growth path is a bit long,Also a bit twists and turns,But he gained the necessary experience,This can help him adapt to the Bernabeu and Real Madrid logos,The pressure of wearing Real Madrid’s jersey is great.For me he is ready,Real Madrid can’t let him come back and only let him play 5 games.They need to allocate opportunities to these excellent midfielders,For example, at least 25 appearances,And he is the youngest and strongest,So it may end up with more opportunities.”