September 7 News In an interview with “Evening Post”,Laliga Chairman Tevas said:“We were not at war with Messi before,We just want them to respect the contract,I especially admire Messi,I love Messi.“

Laliga officials previously issued a statement saying that the penalty for Messi’s contract is still valid.After the Messi team responded and then issued a statement that the Messi team understood incorrectly

“My intervention is not to fight Messi,If it is any other player in our league,I will do the same thing.We must maintain legitimacy and justice.Everyone should always respect the contract,No matter if you are called Messi or another name,That’s it.”

People say you are the only winner of this event between Messi and Barcelona

“Not,totally not.In my personal opinion,I don’t think this is a battle with Messi and his team.I really admire Messi,I love him,He is our football history for nearly two decades.How could I go to war with him?Let me say it again: the purpose of my previous intervention was to ask everyone to respect the contract.Since this time is related to Messi,That’s why the media has such a big influence.”

But according to Messi,The 700 million euro liquidated damage clause in his contract has expired

“Although his lawyer team said so,But the content of the contract is very clear: part of it is to be viewed out of context,This makes people misunderstood.In the end I am very happy that Messi made the decision to avoid litigation.He will continue to play for the team in his life,I hope their relationship can return to normal.”

But Messi confirmed to the media that he was treated badly

“I do not know,But don’t forget that whether you feel that it has been treated incorrectly is a subjective matter.”

Laliga’s rapid and resolute intervention in this incident affected everyone.You are defending the collective interests,Is this statement correct?

“When we intervened,That is to maintain legitimacy,We intervened to maintain Laliga and these clubs,And in this case,It’s Barcelona.”

In June,Before this broke out,You said that Ronaldo’s departure did not cause much damage to Laliga,But it will be another matter if Messi leaves.Is it because of this reason that you intervened directly?

“As I just said,Our actions are to maintain legitimacy,Then of course it is obvious that anyone wants Messi in their league.If he decides to leave in a year,That would be a pity,But everyone shouldn’t forget that starting from the 2014-15 season,It has been determined that the brand of Laliga is higher than that of players and clubs.Only so,We can guarantee the profitability of our industry,And in fact,The position of the Lalig brand is getting stronger and stronger.”

Can you change anything?Or is it that Messi is leaving in a year?

“This will be his decision,The contract allows him to do this.”

The team and agent now have too much power?

“I think these are two different issues,I don’t agree with the statement that the team has too much power: if someone doesn’t abide by the contract,That must have serious consequences.As for the excessive power of the broker,I think maybe so,They have too much power.People have been talking about them for many years.Their business should be regulated,From this perspective,FIFA is trying to move this matter in the right direction.”

Ronaldo and Neymar have both left,Suarez is also close to leaving,Messi has also tried,How is Laliga now?

“very good,Is growing,Facing challenges every day.Continue to implement our digital and international strategy that we started more than four seasons ago.”

What about Serie A?What do you think of Serie A?

“I have been talking for years,Serie A has a lot of room for growth,But in order to grow in the 21st century,It’s not enough to just open the stadium, play games, and broadcast.In order not to fall behind,Many other things must be done.”

What kind of thing?

“We need to have a more collective view of the entire system,This is something that Serie A is missing.”

Regarding Serie A chairman Dalpino’s consideration of opening the stadium,What do you think?

“very interesting,I am watching closely.I think this is a very good idea for the Football Association,And not just from an economic perspective,This will also allow Serie A to face and defeat future challenges in the shortest possible time.”

Two years ago you were close to becoming an advisor to the Serie A chairmanWhy didn’t this happen in the end?

“The conditions at the time did not allow it,Let’s just say that,Spanish club affectionately‘force’I have no doubts about this matter.”

Do you really sleep on a plane 120 nights a year?

“When I want to travel far,Yes.The internationalization of Laliga is not just relying on broadcast signals to satellites.You have to find partners in every country…”

Will you come to work in Italy someday?

“Although Spain and La Liga are very attractive,But Italy is a great country,Serie A has a lot of matter what,Never say never.”