News on August 24 In the just-concluded Champions League final,Bayern Munich beat Paris Saint-Germain 1-0,Win the Champions League.Perisic, who played for Inter Milan on loan to Bayern Munich, came off the bench in the game.He accepted an interview with Sky Sports after the game.

This is your first time in the Champions League final,You won the Champions League,How do you want to celebrate?

Perisic:“When you start your career,You will dream of such an exciting moment tonight.This is my first time in the Champions League final,Then I won the championship,I’m very happy.It’s a pity that the fans cannot celebrate the victory with us in the stadium,it’s OK,Tomorrow we will return to Germany,Celebrate with the fans,I don’t know if we can interact.”

Is the final process difficult?

“Was the final difficult?Yes,Because Paris Saint-Germain is an excellent team,We all know that they are in good shape,But in this game,Our performance is better.Although we made some mistakes in the first half,But we have the best goalkeeper in the world,When we needHe will stand up and work hard to keep the goal.”

What does this night mean to you?

“This night is very special.First of all,I realized a dream,A dream that has not been considered for many years.It’s a pity that I didn’t realize this dream in Inter Milan before.And while playing for Inter Milan,We have never won any championship titles,But this season,I won the triple crown,I’m very happy.”

You still have a contract with Inter Milan,Is it convenient to reveal where your future will be?

“just now,My contract with Inter Milan will expire in two years.I don’t want to say anything now,Because sometimes it’s useless to say moreWe all know,In the world of football,Everything is possible.We will meet next,Then discuss these issues.”

Do you think you will reach an agreement with Inter Milan to stay in the team in the end?

“Now I really don’t want to talk about other things,We won the Champions League tonight,Bayern Munich won the key.We are now going to celebrate this night,With my family,With my teammates.As for the future,Let me go please,There is a lot of time in the future.”