This morning, the 2019-2020 Premier League season ushered in a focus battle.Manchester United played at home against Tottenham Hotspur, which had previously won three straight.As a result, facing his old club Mourinho failed to complete his revenge,In the end, relying on Rashford’s two goals,Manchester United finally defeated Mourinho’s Tottenham team 2-1.So Shuai got it too“Continue life”Three points.

Rashford scored twice

  Mourinho’s revenge failed and his first defeat: after he won three consecutive victories in all competitions as Tottenham coach,Mourinho returned to the theater of dreams but failed in revenge.Tottenham lost to Manchester United,This is also Mourinho’s first defeat in office.Manchester United’s first victory in the past 4 games: after defeating Tottenham,Manchester United have been unbeaten in the last 4 rounds of the Premier League,But it was also the first win in the last 4 games in all competitions.Manchester United have been unbeaten in all competitions in the last 9 home games,The Premier League is unbeaten in 6 home games.Simultaneously,Manchester United’s standings also surpassed Tottenham.

Mourinho returns to the theater of dreams but fails in revenge

  Rashford won with 2 goals: Rashford scored twice in this game,This season he has sent 12 goals and 4 assists for Manchester United in all competitions.Manchester United scored 23 goals in the Premier League this season,Rashford participated in the production of 13 goals (9 goals + 4 assists),Accounted for more than half.Mourinho took office with Ali in 4 games and 4 goals: after Mourinho took office,Ali’s state quickly recovered,Four games coached by Mourinho,Ali sent 4 goals and 1 assist data,The performance is extremely eye-catching.Manchester United has a 4231 formation in this field,The teenager Greenwood came forward,James and Rashford are active on the two wings,McTominay is back,And Fred and Lingard constitute the iron triangle of midfield.Tottenham is led by Kane,Lucas, Ali and Sun Xingmin constitute the second attacking echelon.

Rashford scored the 12th goal of the season

  After the game, Manchester United rose five places in a row to the sixth place in the standings.Solskjaer also got it for himself“Continue life”Three points,After losing points on the promoted polo team,The voice of the outside world for Suo Shuai’s dismissal has reached an unprecedented height.As a result, I didn’t want to face the menacing Tottenham team.Manchester United is done“The battle of salvation”.

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