The Premier League giants Chelsea are very popular in China.Is the first love of many Premier League fans,Because of this,Chelsea has many nicknames in China,E.g“Car”,“Blues”,“Blue Lion”,“Bus”and many more,These nicknames are quite interesting,All have provenance and origin,Let’s talk about these nicknames of Chelsea.You as a fan,Know a few of them?

Chelsea logo

  Why did Chelsea call a car

  Blue Chelsea also has a nickname“Car”,There are historical reasons for the origin of this nickname.It was the Guangdong area that first started broadcasting the Premier League frontier.All players and teams have corresponding Cantonese translations,Chelsea is translated into Cantonese“Chelsea”,To save trouble, Guangdong fans call Chelsea“Car”,Later it became a car when it spread to non-Cantonese areas.Although you can see Premier League games anywhere,But everyone still kept the nickname of Chelsea.

Chelsea nicknamed the car

  Other Chelsea nicknames

  In addition to the car,Chelsea also has several common nicknames,Their origins are also different.“Blue Lion”Is also one of Chelsea’s nicknames,The image of the lion is very popular in the UK,ChelseaThere is an image of a lion in the emblem of the city,So in 1953,Chelsea’s team logo features an upright lion holding a scepter as the main image,The nickname of the Blue Lion came from this century,In addition“Blues”,“Blue Lions”Other nicknames are all related to this.

Chelsea players

  I mentioned above Chelsea“Car”The origin of the nickname,From this also derived another Chelsea nickname: the tank,Chelsea have always been known for their iron will and tenacious defense.So Chelsea is not just a car,It is a chariot that is fearless and moves forward.Chelsea also has a nickname“Bus”,Because Chelsea’s tactics are mainly defensive counterattacks,That is to say, put the bus,Childbirth relied on this tactic to reach the top of Europe,Combined with the car,The fans gave Chelsea the nickname of a bus.

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