Chelsea and Liverpool have always been the two top giants in the Premier League.Liverpool ranks first in the league so far,And Chelsea ranked fourth in the Premier League,Liverpool as a whole are currently better than Chelsea.Both Chelsea and Liverpool have been very dismal in the Champions League this season.Liverpool was double-killed by Atletico Madrid,And Chelsea was defeated by Bayern 3-0 in the first round at home.But which of these two teams is better?

Liverpool are very strong these two seasons

  Chelsea and Liverpool who are great

  In the last two games,In the European Super Cup final, Chelsea and Liverpool were tied 2-2.In the end with a penalty kickLiverpoolBeat Chelsea 5 to 4,And in the fifth round of the FA Cup,Chelsea defeated Liverpool 2-0 at home,So Chelsea seems to have an advantage in the recent confrontation.And the overall situation analysis,Liverpool won the Champions League last year,Singing all the way this year even locked the Premier League champion early.And Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League last year,The league performance this year was mediocre,Overall, it seems that Liverpool have an advantage.

Chelsea have played in general in recent seasons

  What is the history of Chelsea and Liverpool?

  In the last 12 league matches between Chelsea and Liverpool,Liverpool won 4 times,Chelsea won 3 times,Draw 5 times,The two teams have been on the same level in the past five years of confrontation.I have to say that the 7 Premier League giants have their own merits.Although Liverpool’s level has improved rapidly in the past two seasons,But overall Chelsea is not easy to deal with.Compared with the two teams,Liverpool still dominates the overall situation.

Chelsea-Liverpool history show 55 open,have equal shares

  Chelsea Liverpool honor who is more

  Chelsea won the Champions League once,2 times UEFA Champions League,1 time European Super Cup champion,6 Premier League titles,8 Premier League FA Cup champions,4 times community shield champion,5 times Premier League Cup champion,2 times the British Championship,2 times European Cup Winners’ Cup champions,And Liverpool have won 6 Champions League titles,1 time Club World Cup champion,3 times UEFA Champions League,4 times European Super Cup champion,18 Premier League champions,7 Premier League FA Cup champions,15 Premier League Community Shield champions,8 Premier League Cup champions,4 British Championships,1 time Premier League Asian Cup champion,ChelseaA total of 31 honors,Liverpool received 67 honors,Overall Liverpool is better.

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