Lampard is one of the greatest players in Chelsea history.Also wasPremier LeagueOne of the best midfielders,But besides playing the ball well,Maybe many people don’t know,Lampard also has a high IQ.In previous internal IQ tests at Chelsea,Lampard’s IQ exceeded 150,Belongs to the group of people with the highest IQ.After retiring, Frank Lampard’s coaching became very popular.It must also have something to do with high IQ.In addition to Lampard,Chiellini, Inzaghi and others,They are also high IQ talents among football players.

Lampard as a player

  Lampard IQ

  Generally speaking,Football players always have developed limbs,Simple-minded stereotypes,After all, they mainly feed on their bodies.But in fact, many stars are not low in IQ,Chelsea’s current coach Frank Lampard is one of the best.BeforeChelseaThe club’s internal IQ test,Lampard’s IQ score exceeded 150,The IQ of ordinary people is mostly between 100-120,Lampard’s IQ has reached the level of genius.Throughout his career,Lampard is highly quotient on the ball,Known for his strong reading ability,It seems that this is also the benefit of high IQ.

Lampard as a coach

  Lampard’s coaching level

  While still playing,The outside world generally believes that Lampard should be a coach after retirement.Otherwise, this clever mind will be blinded.After retiring, Lampard did not live up to everyone’s expectations.In September 2017, Lampard began coaching the Chelsea youth team.Officially started coaching career.Lampard coached Derby County in May 2018,And led the team to the sixth place in the British Championship,The performance is year later,Lampard officially coached Chelsea,The two parties signed a three-year contract.Because of the transfer ban,Chelsea can’t sign up a lot,Lampard leads the Chelsea youth army to settle downPremier LeagueTop four,The teaching ability is truly excellent.

Chiellini is also a schoolmaster

  High IQ stars in football

  Lampard’s IQ is as high as 150,Is an outlier among football players,But he is not the only high IQ player in football.Italian defender Chiellini is not only good defensively,Reading is also a good hand,He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Turin,BeJuventusPromote internally as a role model.The elegant Inzaghi is also a schoolmaster.He completed all university courses in only 2 years,At the same time, he passed the accounting qualification certificate,This clever mind is also an important reason for Inzaghi to gain a foothold in Serie A.

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