Manchester City and Liverpool’s Premier League focus battle,Maybe many fans have guessed the result of the game before the game,The fierce Liverpool did show a stronger momentum than Manchester City this season.But many fans did not expect Manchester City to defeat Liverpool 1-3.After all, the two teams had a slight advantage in Manchester City last season.This advantage has not only disappeared this season,Even being overwhelmed by Liverpool,After the game, Manchester City coach Guardiola was very dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty.When shaking hands with the referee,He also mocked the referee.

Manchester City defeated Liverpool 1-3

  In the 5th and 12th minutes of the game,Fabinho and Salah broke for the Red Army,Liverpool led 2-0 in the opening 12 minutes.Happy Klopp is throwing his fist and roaring,The lost Guardiola paced the sidelines with his hands in his pockets.But what immediately followed was controversy.Are there disputes over the 2 goals?The first goal,Arnold’s handball problem.The Echo reported,The Premier League officially confirmed that Arnold’s handball does not meet the conditions for deliberate handball.The second goal,Is it offside?According to the news:“VAR checked Salah’s goal in the 13th minute,The penalty is correct.”But this is not over yet.

Guardiola is very dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty

  There was another suspected handball foul in Liverpool’s penalty area in the second half.In the 83rd minute of the game,Sterling hits Arnold’s arm with a cross in the penalty area,The referee did not express.Guardiola can’t sit still now.Excitedly protested:“The second time!”No way,The game ended with Liverpool defeating Manchester City.Sky Sports revealed thatGua Shuai shook hands with the referee after the game and said:“thank you so much”.no doubt,This is a face to face“ridicule”.

Guardiola has never won at Liverpool’s Anfield in his coaching career

  So far Guardiola’s coaching career has never won at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium.It has also become the place where Guardiola has lost the most goals in his coaching career.Become a nightmare of Guashuai,But more importantly,Lose in a direct conversation with Liverpool,The road to Manchester City’s title defense is getting more and more rugged,Has fallen behind Liverpool by 9 points,In the coming season,Manchester City can no longer make mistakes.

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