Since sending away Lukaku,Manchester United has been looking for ways to strengthen the striker.Before the winter window,Rashford’s sudden injury,Let Suo Shuai be overstretched to employ people,Finding a striker has become a top priority for the Red Devils.In February,CameShanghai ShenhuaThe news of foreign aid Ighalo joining Manchester United,It has attracted a lot of attention among Chinese fans.Ighalo is a good striker,But obviously not the best choice for Manchester United.Therefore, the outside world generally looks down on his prospects at Manchester United.Some even believe thatIghalo was just made up by Manchester United’s emergency medical treatment.

Ighalo playing for Shenhua

  Ighalo joins Manchester United

  According to British media reports,Shanghai Shenhua striker Ighalo joined Manchester United.As early as a few days ago,Manchester United has reached an agreement with Shenhua on the transfer of Ighalo,Only to be announced by the official.It is reported that Ighalo’s transaction method is 6-month lease + buyout option.He will play for the Red Devils until the end of the season.Ighalo represented Shenhua last season inSuper LeaguePlayed 17 games,Scored 10 goals,The performance is pretty good.For the Premier League,Ighalo is no stranger,He has played for Watford before,Scored 15 goals in a single season.if everything goes well,Ighalo is expected to make his debut in the game against Chelsea.

Rashford’s injury has a big impact

  The prospect of Ighalo joining Manchester United is not optimistic

  Ighalo’s prospects for joining Manchester United are generally looked down upon.The Red DevilThe famous commentator Neville expressed his opinion: Ighalo joined Manchester United,It’s simply Manchester United who pooled the number of strikers,Can’t solve it fundamentallyRashfordThe predicament of injury.Former Chelsea player Goodjohnson said,Ighalo will get a chance to play,But he is not a very good choice.According to Flores, who has coached Ighalo,Ighalo is a good player,But it will take him at least a month to adapt to the high-intensity confrontation and competition in the Premier League.

Suo Shuai faces new challenges

  Analysis of the reasons why Ighalo joined Manchester United

  The reason why Manchester United will sign Ighalo,Mainly to solve the frontline crisis.Manchester United has played in the new season generally,The main reason is the weak offensive ability of the team.Only 36 goals were scored in 24 rounds.Manchester United has already signed Bruno Fernandez before.But he is not a true forward,More suitable for midfield.Rashford was injured suddenly,It made Manchester United worse,So finding a striker has become a top priority for Manchester United.In this situation,Signed Ighalo from the Super League,Some mean to go to the doctor in a hurry,Ighalo joinedManchester UnitedHow much can it help the Red Devils,Time will give us the answer.

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