Mourinho, nicknamed Madman, is not only a talented coach,He is also an artist with a distinctive personality,Adhering to the principle that words are not shocking and die,When coaching on the sidelines, he always makes amazing moves.For example, on November 28, 2018,UEFA Champions League round 5 group stage,Manchester United defeated the young people of Bern by 1-0 with Fellaini’s lore.Mourinho fell to the ground with a shelf with 10 bottles of mineral water beside him.The famous scene of Mourinho throwing a water bottle to celebrate.

Mourinho dropped a water bottle to celebrate

  Mourinho dropped a water bottle to celebrate

  November 28, 2018UEFA Champions League round 5 group stage,Manchester United beat Berne youngsters 1-0 at Old Trafford,The team qualified early.Manchester United played very hard in this game,Fellaini scored a lore goal at the last minute,At the time Manchester United coachMourinhoAfter seeing this goal, he threw a shelf with 10 bottles of mineral water on the grass.This action was recorded truthfully by the camera,After all, such novel celebrations are rare.

Mourinho throws a water bottle

  Mourinho fell a water bottle to celebrate the reason

  After the game, Mourinho explained why he fell the water bottle:“relief”with“Frustrated”, “Frustrated”It must be because of Manchester United’s poor performance,Playing with young Bernese people back and forth,Delay in scoring,Had it not been for De Gea’s bravery, he might even lose,In Mourinho’s words“We are not playing for 0-0,We did not play the level we deserve”. “relief”It’s because although the competition is difficult,But the result is good,Manchester United scored and promoted,Mourinho, who had been depressed for 90 minutes, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Mourinho kicks the water bottle

  Mourinho the Madman

  Mourinho has always been wild and unruly,Quick talk,Recording Mourinho’s words and deeds“Madman’s Diary”It’s almost time to publish a book.The Mourinho said above to celebrate by throwing a water bottle is not the first time he has had trouble with the water bottle.In November 2016,Mourinho, who just served as Manchester United’s coach, kicked the water bottle to vent his dissatisfaction in the Red Devils’ 0-0 draw with West Ham United.At that time, he was banned by the FA.

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