The weather is getting colder,With nearly half of the major league schedules,The winter window is also coming.After an appeal,ChelseaThe transfer ban was terminated early,In January of next year,They can sign in normally.It is reported that Chelsea provided Lampard with 1.500 million pounds transfer budget,But Lampard was very cautious.He hopes to sign in according to the team situation,Do not want to destroy the growth environment of young players in the team.


  The summer transfer ban and Hazard’s departure,Let Chelsea’s strength be greatly damaged,At this critical juncture,Lampard returned to Stamford Bridge as the coach.Almost half a season has passed,Lampard’s results can be said to have exceeded most expectations.Although recent performance has declined,But still maintains the fourth position in the league,Now he has the right to qualify for the Champions League,Lampard contributed a lot.Previously, Chelsea club signed players for alleged violations,Was punished by FIFA for banning two transfer windows for signing,Chelsea then appealed to CAS,And hope to lift the ban before the winter transfer period.Cut after a ruling,The Chelsea transfer ban was terminated early,They can start signings next winter window.

Lampard has excellent coaching skills

  After the Chelsea transfer ban ended,The club provided Lampard with up to 1.500 million pounds transfer budget,Chelsea is currently in need of reinforcement most urgently,It is the position of the left back.For the coming winter window,Lampard was very calm:“I am calm about the transfer window,I understand the situation of the team,We are united in the locker room,And progressing,There may not be any big transfers in January,And if it’s good for the club,Is also possible,This requires communication with senior management,Then we will study together.But I am very calm about January,I believe we can overcome the problem,I don’t think we will buy people crazy.”


  Although he is a rookie coach in the Premier League,But Lampard’s coaching ability is remarkable.Under the restrictions of the Chelsea transfer ban,Not only did the Blues not sink into this,On the contrary, it has cultivated a group of young players with good combat effectiveness.Lampard used to be calm and calm in his player era.Known for its high quotient,After becoming a coach, he even carried forward this characteristic.As he said,The Blues may not change much during this winter window.But signings must be what the team needs.

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