Recently there was news,Japan national footballer Minano Takumi joins Premier League giants during the winter transfer windowLiverpool,Become the first Asian player in team history.The British media “Daily Mirror” also stated that Liverpool will spend £7.25 million to buy out the contract of Takumi Minano.After that, Takumi Minano will undergo a physical examination by Liverpool.Just pass the medical examination,Minano Takumi will officially transfer to Liverpool.

Takumi Minano joins Premier League giants Liverpool

  The 24-year-old Takumi Minano has performed very well these two seasons.His performance in the Champions League this season is also very eye-catching.Aroused the attention of many giants.”The Mirror” statedManchester UnitedI have also been following Takumi Minano,However, they did not discover that there was a liquidated damage clause in the contract of Takumi Nanye.Liverpool successfully discovered this,So Takuru Minano was able to join Liverpool.Since the 2017-18 season,Minano Takumi made 109 appearances for the Salzburg Red Bull,Scored 65 goals.This season,Takumin Minano made 22 appearances for Red Bull,Scored 9 goals,And assisted 11 times,Very comprehensive.

Takumi Minano almost helped Red Bull take victory at Anfield

  In the UEFA Champions League group stage against Liverpool,Minano Takumi is impressive,He shot 3 times and 2 times on target,Scored 1 goal,And 1 assist,Almost helped Red Bull take away the victory at Anfield.At the national team level,Minano Takumi has played 22 times for the Japanese team.Scored 11 goals.The last 4 world preliminaries,He scored 5 goals.Last February,Takumi Minano and Red Bull Salzburg renew their contract until 2021.Currently,Nanye Takumi’s net worth is between 25 million and 30 million pounds.But due to the breach clause in the contract,Salzburg Red Bull can only let Minano Takumi join Liverpool.The Mirror pointed out thatLiverpool has been negotiating with Takumi Minano for the past 6 weeks,They have been following Takumi Minano for nearly 2 years.

Manchester United,Bundesliga’s Borussia and Serie A’s AC Milan also want to sign Minano Takumi

  Many clubs are interested in Takumi Minano,In addition to Liverpool and Manchester United,Bundesliga’s Borussia and Serie A’s AC Milan also want to sign Minano Takumi.but,Liverpool had the last laugh,They have a very close relationship with Red Bull Salzburg.Next,Takumi Minano will undergo a physical examination by Liverpool,The two sides will also discuss the treatment of players.It is reported that,Takumi Minano also wants to join Liverpool very much.Liverpool’s“pursue”Made him feel very honored,He is ready to sign.

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