Mourinho is currently the head coach of Tottenham.The career of coaching Tottenham is also very exciting,Currently leading Tottenham on crazy points,But in general this season’s Tottenham are not in the Champions League.But still struggling to score,Strive for the qualifications of the European Union,Mourinho currently has a very good performance,In fact, Mourinho is still the top coach in football in general.However, what is the annual salary of Mourinho as a legendary coach?

Mourinho’s current salary is 15 million euros

  What is Mourinho’s annual salary

  Mourinho’s annual salary is 15 million pounds,The salary of the current head coach in the world ranks second among football coaches.have to sayMourinhoReally strong,In fact, Mourinho’s high annual salary is well deserved.Mourinho in Porto had a very brilliant record in the early days.Afterwards, they performed very well in Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United.It is a grand slam in the coaching career,To any club has a superb performance.

Mourinho is one of the great coaches in football today

  What is Mourinho’s annual salary?

  Mourinho’s annual salary ranks second in the world’s head coach salary.Even surpassed many superstar players,I have to say that Mourinho’s salary is very high.The top superstars are currently between 10-20 million Euros.And Mourinho’s annual salary is not inferior to the top football superstars,Currently Mourinho has a very superb performance,It also performed well in football,And Mourinho’s brilliant glory is also worthy of this annual salary!

I have to say that the current Mourinho is still very strong

  About Mourinho’s annual salary

  Mourinho Tottenham is still shining,But before Tottenham, it was a bit underestimated.The two former Tottenham star forwards Sun Xingmin and Kane were both injured.When facing Leipzig in the Champions League, he was double-killed.I have to say that this is also the blood and tears of Tottenham’s Champions League this season.At present, the overall Tottenham players are in full condition.Score points in the league,The current Tottenham is also regaining its overall strength.Fully target the Champions League and Premier League champions next season.

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