Guardiola’s mother died of new coronary pneumonia on the evening of April 6, 2020.He was 82 years old,The old man’s body cannot overcome the disease,This has also sounded the alarm for many people,How fragile life is in the face of the epidemic,And the death of mother,Guardiola was very sad,I have to say how important my mother is to me,Selfless dedication.

Guardiola’s mother died of new coronary pneumonia,At the age of 82

  What happened to Guardiola’s mother’s death from the new crown

  Guardiola’s mother died of new coronary pneumonia late at night on April 6, 2020.He was 82 years old,I have to say that the immune system of the body’s organs is greatly reduced when people are oldFaced with the intrusion of viruses, they cannot resist,andGuardiolaHis football career has always been silent support behind his mother,Guardiola is one of the few in football to be both a top football player and a top football coach.All this is inseparable from the selfless dedication of the mother.

Without mother’s support,Guardiola can’t achieve him now

  Tribute to Guardiola’s mother

  After Guardiola’s mother’s death was announced,Manchester City announced with extreme sadness,Pep’s mother, Doris, was infected with the new coronavirus,Died in Manresa, Barcelona,He was 82 years old,Manchester City wrote on its official Twitter,In this saddest moment,All relevant staff from Manchester City send their most sincere condolences to Pep and his family and friends.Many European giants such as Barcelona and Bayern also paid tribute.

I hope Guardiola can quickly get out of grief,Ushering in the peak of self

  About the death of Guardiola’s mother due to the new crown

  I have to say how vulnerable life is under the outbreak of the epidemic,When this epidemic is spreading,Everyone should maintain hygiene,Not going to publicwear mask,Try not to leave the house,These are all the magic weapon to fight the epidemic,Guardiola is also one of my favorite coaches.Although you are very sad when your mother passed away,But you also have to pay attention to your body,I hope Guardiola can quickly adjust himself,Let yourself be back to the top again.

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