Manchester United has struggled this season,The team’s attack line is weak,Even getting a goal is difficult.This also makes the fans of the Red Devils miss Lukaku very much.Especially after seeing Lukaku’s transfer to Inter Milan,Many fans have angered Suo Shuai,Thought he did not trust Lukaku,Only then will Lukaku run away in anger.However, Lukaku said recently that Suo Shuai hoped to keep himself.Just want to go,Otherwise, Suo Shuai would not be able to clean up even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Lukaku said that at the time So Shuai hoped to keep himself

  Lukaku played for Manchester United for 2 seasons.Scored 42 goals in 96 appearances.At the end of 2018,Suo Shuai became Manchester United coach,Since then, Lukaku’s status in the team has gradually declined.He became a substitute for Rashford.In an interview,Lukaku said today:“I have always respected Solskjaer.He knows what I think,I told him the decision to leave the team in March.”

Lukaku is eager to meet new challenges

  “At 18 years old,I was in the Premier League.just now,I am 26 years old.Solskjaer wants me to stay,But I am ready to meet some new things.”Lukaku said.This season,Lukaku played 12 times in Serie A,Scored 9 goals,His friend Sanchez at Manchester United now also plays for Inter.

So handsome doesn’t like Lukaku

  although,So Shuai tried to keep Lukaku,But I have to admit thatSo Shuai doesn’t like Lukaku,In comparison, he admires young Rashford more.Last month, he said stiffly that he did not regret letting Lukaku go.Even if Rashford’s state is so unstable,But the consequence is that Manchester United are in a quagmire.The team collapsed,Can only look forward to the next winter transfer window can make a difference.

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